Date: November 1, 2013

Traditionally, for the fourth consecutive year, the Foundation Helping Hand Moldova provides donations for people in difficulty, including Keystone Moldova beneficiaries.

This year's donation includes selected things, according to the individual needs of beneficiaries: clothes, footwear, wheelchairs, shower chairs, tables, tools, kitchen utensils, chairs, blankets etc. Many of these needs have been identified, as a result of visits paid last year by representatives of the Helping Hand, headed by Henk van Veldhoven, President of the Foundation, to families that take care of people with disabilities and to social services for people with disabilities. This year also, the President of the Foundation came on a visit to Moldova, as to ensure that the aid will arrive safely in the country. He reviewed the needs of the beneficiaries for the next year and was interested in existing services and those that are to be created.

A part of the donated chairs for children have already been distributed this week: they were sent to the kindergarten from Verejeni village, Telenesti. The village mayor, Stefan Birca, came personally to receive the donation and take it to the kindergarten: "These 25 chairs will be offered to the preschool group. Children will be glad... Next year, we plan to open one more preschool group, "said the mayor.

Both the Verejeni kindergarten and the school are partners of Keystone Moldova in the educational inclusion of children with disabilities. Thus, with the support of Keystone Moldova, a Resource Center for Inclusive Education was opened in the community, in the spring of this year, which is frequented by pupils and kindergarten children.

The goods donated by Helping Hand Moldova were distributed to three educational institutions (vocational/auxiliary schools etc.), two non-governmental organizations and about 200 direct beneficiaries of Keystone Moldova.

The donations offered by Helping Hand Moldova Foundation are collected in the Netherlands through different methods: fund-raising events organized by the Foundation, individual donations and donations from other Dutch organizations and communities. One should mention that there are lots of elderly people among the volunteers in charge of collecting and sorting donations.

Keystone Moldova contributes to the reform of the system of social care and protection of persons with disabilities in view of their social inclusion by means of the "Community for All - Moldova" Program. The Program "Community for All - Moldova" is implemented in partnership with the MLSPF, with the financial support of the Open Society Foundations/Mental Health Initiatives and Soros-Moldova Foundation. To date, 2882 persons benefit from the support provided by Keystone Moldova.

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